Which of the following is not a chronometric dating method Montreal quick hookups

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In the meantime, chronometric technologies have advanced, particularly in their range applicability.Especially promising are the ESR combined with US (ESR-US) and infrared radiofluorescence (IR-RF) methods.

Earlier attempts to date the Mauer sands, namely by thermoluminescence of feldspar and electron spin resonance (ESR) of quartz as well as uranium-series (US) dating of an elephant tusk, were unsatisfactory (3).The IR-RF technique dates the last light-exposure of sediment grains (i.e., their depositional age).Ten samples from six sediment layers were analyzed using a single-aliquot protocol, which yields a series of ages on small subsamples (1 to 2 mg) of potassium feldspar grains ().The ages obtained for the four other teeth are, respectively, 624 79/−73 and 627 73/−71 ka for the lower sands and 458 39/−37 and 502 43/−41 ka for the upper sands (Fig. in terms of bio- and lithostratigraphy, as well as depth in the deposits.The two sand samples Mau 1 and Mau 2 were taken 0.5 m below and above the gravel bed.

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