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Find a comfortable and economical place to stay in an exotic location, in a big city or small town. Nova Scotia Canada – take the ferry over from Maine and drive around for a week. SAS Raddison hotel is where a lot of the cruise passages stay over. See our blog post Aruba for Boomers Boomer Travel Bloggers is a great list of the best blogs on travel for boomers.

Watch the high tides at the Bay of Fundy, eat some scallops, explore Peggy’s Cove, take a whale watching trip. Experience Ireland culture, history, nature and scenery, and cities. AARP Travel Site – Travel and Leisure- Deals, Tips & News for Tours, Air, Hotel – AARP is a great source for travel and leisure destinations plus discounts on car, air fare, hotels, and cruises.

The Affordable Travel Club – A hospitality exchange club for people over 40.

With over 2,400 host locations (49 states and 50 countries), there is a wide assortment of homes both in atmosphere and location: urban, suburban, rural and resort.

It is a home away from home experience, only better, since you don’t have to cook breakfast!

Vacations Abroad – Boomers are looking for memorable experiences and more are traveling outside the country to get them. Beautiful pool, tiki bar and cafe on the beach, safe walking distance to nice restaurants.

Just ask the 13 million people who vacationed on a cruise ship last year. Stay in a cabin at Cowboy Village right in Jackson. Spend a day in Anchorage then take the train up to Denali National Park.

Recommended: 15 day Hawaiian cruise from LA, Baltic Sea curise from Copenhagen, Denmark, and of coarse the best cruise you will ever take, the cruise to Alaska. I met recently with AARP Travel and they have some of the best discounts on top cruise lines.

A great site to book all cruises is Vacations to Go.

These are some of the best boomer vacations places. Enjoy a restful stay in your host’s guest room, a tasty breakfast, friendly conversation and sightseeing tips.

National Parks – Some of the best boomer travel vacations are to our wonderful National Parks. More often than not, you’ll leave with new and lasting friendships.

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