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The proposals would downgrade the service offer from Fen Line stations to Cambridge too, as they involve the same long waits at Littleport [to allow southbound trains to clear the 9 mile single line section between Downham Market and Littleport] on the return, homeward leg of journeys-to-work/business/leisure.The earlier weekday proposals fail to address the hour gap in the Cambridge evening peak ].These journey flows also pertain at weekends (the subject of the current round of consultation) - the major leisure destinations are also London and Cambridge.Additionally, there are heavy commuter flows into and out of Cambridge from Fen Line stations, with grossly overloaded trains.[which are] 'dismayed' by GTR's proposals." A GTR spokesman tells RAIL that the changes were "needed to keep punctuality.Other plans include accommodating stops at Cambridge North (as requested by the community), having trains pass at Littleport rather than Downham Market, and fitting in with higher frequency services on the East Coast Main Line, allowing for a 70% passenger increase.BUSES WILL REPLACE TRAINS BETWEEN KINGS LYNN AND ELY, calling at all stations.

Increasing journey times puts this success at risk.However, the journeys affected most by the current GN 2018 proposals are those in the directions of the morning journey-to-work/business tidal flow from Kings Lynn and other Fen Line stations to Kings Cross and of the return afternoon/evening tidal flow northwards out of London.As on other London commuter routes, these are the journeys the vast majority of passengers make.Association Secretary Andy Tyler tells the newspaper: "The run up to Christmas is always a bad time of year to ask people to respond to consultations.But even if the seasonal rush does get in the way, we've already made pretty clear - as have the Council and business leaders - to the politicians that these backwards-looking proposals really aren't on.

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