Quicken security prices not updating

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For me, a technology solution decreases in its usefulness if the negatives outweigh the benefits. One of the negatives with most online personal finance software the transactions, unfortunately, are read-only.For example, I cannot upload my historical financial data, which also means I can’t reconcile my bank statements, nor can I use a Bill Pay feature through their service.That version has been pared down to four editions of the software: Starter, Deluxe, Premier, Home, Business and Rental Property, down from 5 versions last year.More importantly, Quicken 2018 is now an annual subscription.

Mint also uses the same synchronization service that Quicken uses, so logically I would expect similar problems when syncing up to the same financial intuitions.With the older versions, you had a three-year sunset before you were forced to upgrade.Now you must pay an annual fee or the online features of Quicken are no longer usable. Currently, there are no retail discounts for Quicken, which typically can be up to 55% off the retail price. Existing Quicken users will have to pay an “annual toll” to keep using the product; otherwise, your data is read-only.That has made Personal Capital all the more appealing.Investor Junkie’s visitor traffic is a good indicator of the personal finance software space.

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