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This is because Prince Philip often uses the train on his own, and the kitchen means he doesn't have to take the entire train.His sitting room contains the usual sofa, armchairs and desk as well as a table that can be extended to accommodate 12 people for meals or used, as it more usually is, as a conference table.

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The sitting room has a sofa with hand-stitched velvet cushions, armchairs and the small dining table where the Queen and Prince Philip have breakfast. There is also a desk in one corner where Her Majesty works on her official papers.

The armchairs are comfortable but not of the deep 'sink-down' type because the Duke of Edinburgh's visitors are usually there on official business and he doesn't want them to overstay their welcome.

Prince Philip's bedroom is a duplicate of the Queen's, but the bathroom does not have a bath: he prefers a shower.

However, Royal Train is something of a misnomer, implying that there is only one such vehicle.

In fact the name is applied whenever a set of rail carriages and locomotives is used by the Royal Family, and the same number of coaches is not used every time.

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