Portugal women dating

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And I've already talked a little bit in this thread.But, c'mon, going to Algarve in the winter to pick up girls is a very silly decision. It is a region which lives exclusively from tourism, mainly from the Portuguese and British middle classes who head there in the summer months to enjoy the beaches.

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In the winter, that Estonian guy will probably see more British and Scandinavian retirees there than young Portuguese girls.

Even in the summers, most Portuguese girls in Algarve beaches are staying with their boyfriends or their families.

So Algarve in the summer (like other southern Europe beaches) is mainly a good place to pick up British, German, Dutch and Scandinavian tourists who want to party hard and find some cock.

Yet, unfortunately, his observations seem quite on point.

Portuguese girls are to Southern Europe what Danish women are to Scandinavia.

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