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Then again, she had only been at uni a week, and for Freshers' Week at that. Freddie Mercury was on the juke, expressing appreciation for fat bottomed girls. The pool table to her right was occupied by four girls (and yes, the one bending to take her shot was fat bottomed; but in a very alluring sort of a way). Somehow remembering she was supposed to be out on a date, Angie had a closer look at the Union Bar's most alluring (if unofficial) section.Every last one of the video games was noisily in use, mostly by spotty-faced males, intent on zapping aliens. More second and third years reclaiming their territory, she concluded. Crikey, Billie was there, chatting with Charlie and that big-busted blonde from LGBT.'It needs decorating, but the suite is brand-new.' Billie swigged lager out of a can. 'Oh yes,' she breathed as her shirt was peeled off her, 'omigod yes.' Angie was seriously impressed by Dani's chest. Dani turned away from her, presenting her with a rear view. 'Unhook me and do as you will.' Surprised at the dexterity of her trembling fingers, Angie unhooked Dani's bra and cupped her breasts a lingering moment or two before letting it fall away. Her groin was pressed onto a shapely bum; her tits were tight up against suddenly sweaty shoulder blades. 'My knickers,' she said throatily, 'what about them? 'I'll take them off when I'm good and ready.' While Dani blatantly ogled her, Angie removed her denims and panties, totally in control as she did so.Contained in a straining bra, her tits would have won global prizes. Surely great scientists had written formulas about mass and gravity that were currently being defied? Moving Dani's blonde locks out of the way with her nose, she kissed and nuzzled her lightly tanned neck. She was a large, skin-headed girl with a man-like body but knew that women liked the sight of her.'You two were having oral sex.' 'Oral's better than just talking about it,' Dani said smartly. I haven't shagged with Charlie since she hooked up with your best mate, Ruby. I bet she'll go for a four-girl housewarming.' It was clearly another of those instant-decision occasions. 'We might be some time,' Dani called as they exited, a la Captain Oates. Not that Angie had laid a finger on Ruby of course. The last thing she needed was having her finger bitten off.Laughing, the four young women moved on to the next pub, where Angie caught up with Billie in the ladies'. And Dani, who has co-incidentally shagged with both Charlie and Ruby, is hot for you. 'Okay,' said Angie, 'you get her to agree to a one-off housewarming and I'll play along.' ***** Dani didn't need any persuading. Dad says it's not the best time to sell, but things are picking up. I'm not the marrying kind.' With the exception of the lounge, the house was furnished with what probably were antiques, and not well-preserved ones at that. 'Don't drink all the vino.' Chapter Three Angie was unfastening the buttons of Dani's man-like white shirt when she realized she hadn't a clue what was expected of her. So, she was very much judging Ruby by her appearance. Charlie's idea of a good time was to lay back and shout out encouragement. Giving her mind leave of absence, Angie kept on unfastening buttons.

Her dad drove into a bus.' Angie was about to say she hoped it was nothing trivial. Then, deadly serious: 'What's the crack with you and Dani? ' 'Rubes asked me to look after her.' Charlie sniggered.

Girl-power ruled as far as the darts boards were concerned and there seemed to be a lot of serious scoring going on. Composing herself, Angie approached her friends' table.

Phil Taylor might have struggled to keep up with some of those babes. She was supposed to be dating Billie tonight but had fucked with Charlie as recently as Wednesday. Apart from Charlie having a live-in lover who reacted like a dangerous dog every time she saw Angie; that could be even more awkward!

Abandoning their pub crawl the girls called at an off licence for beer and wine then strolled to a detached house in one of the nicer parts of town. So I'm going to live here for two or three years, get massively qualified, and then sell up for squillions.' 'A landed woman,' said Billie, 'just what I've always wanted. To girls accustomed to halls and student flats it was, however, luxurious in the extreme. So far as she knew Dani had fucked with Ruby and Charlie . But classing her as an aggressive bitch was not exactly a long shot. Dani was three years older and more experienced; if she did anything wrong she'd protest, wouldn't she?

'The rent on this must be astronomical,' Charlie observed, thinking aloud like the student she was. 'There isn't any rent; just rates and utilities.' 'You inherited it! 'This is my living space,' Dani said, showing them into the lounge. Not that Dani raised as much as a murmur of protest. Get them out for me right now.' Angie pulled off her T-shirt and tossed it aside, letting her as-always bra-less tits bounce into play. 'Like really, really.' 'Get yours out,' Angie countered.

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