Forward lookup zone not updating

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Figure A gives you a look at the Name Servers tab on an Active Directory-integrated zone on a server running Windows Server 2008.If you are migrating from a system that uses standard DNS zones, things get a little more complicated — but not horribly difficult.

Although DNS has always been necessary at some level in the IP world, Windows-only environments running Active Directory require this service in order to function.

In this article, I will discuss ways in which you can achieve this goal.

There are two ways you can migrate your DNS services to Windows Server 2008 — although one is definitely better than the other.

From the General tab of the Zone Properties dialog box, you should change this setting as soon as you can to Secure Only to allow the greatest flexibility and security of your zone data.

Manual zone transfer steps Alternatively, you can perform the zone transfer method from the command line using the following command: Again, you will need to have the standard primary zone server available and the secondary zone already created on the new Windows Server 2008 server before performing the zone transfer.

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