Dating sites to meet firefighters love and dating advice for teen

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You have to be prepared for last-minute cancellations or time away [from each other].It's a lot of upheaval, and it can be exhausting to deal with." Scheduling has also been an issue for Jess F., a 35-year-old grocery store manager from Woodinville, WA who dated (and then married) a police officer.

"In previous relationships, I got used to drama and weirdness and miscommunication," Christine says. I wasn't one of those firefighter aficionados before, but now I am!"For me, the biggest issue — by a — was scheduling," says Kelly M., a writer and yoga teacher from New York, NY who says that she can't remember dating someone who "didn't know how to use a weapon or drop a bomb." Kelly says that "it's more or less impossible to plan anything because their jobs are not normal 9-to-5 jobs.They're jobs that are tied to cases they're working on or a deployment they're preparing for."If you talk about things, they don't get so large," explains Treat. Kristal is proud of her boyfriend's military service — and, despite all the anxiety she experienced regarding his two deployments overseas (he made it home safe both times), she says that she wouldn't have it any other way."Spending time with my best friend is worth it," says Kristal.

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