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Of uniform size, each reprint in the standard edition is case-bound (hard backed) and presented in a specially designed, colourfull dust jacket bearing the family identity of the Series.There is also a fully leather-bound edition that was limited to 150 copies.

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Meanwhile the company had broadened its scope of activity to include railway construction in the Middle East, public works, dam, harbour and bridge building in Greece, Angola, China, the Argentine and India. 69 photos, sketches, cartoons & fold-out full colour map; dust jacket features posterised portrait of author; new Publishers' Intro. The book is the best-known of Bent's three works, having run to three editions. Conical Tower, Zimbabwe Ruins; new Publishers' Intro.

This set is described in a separate Catalogue (web page presently under construction).

THOMAS BAINES ranked only just below Livingstone, Stanley and Park in the hierarchy of Victorian explorers in Africa.

THE FIRST SERIES of the Rhodesiana Reprint Library - also entitled the "Gold Series" - comprises 36 volumes, most of which are facsimile re-productions of rare and out-of-print works on the pioneering and growth of Rhodesia.

The books may be regarded as pieces in a jig-saw puzzle: each deals with a specific subject - exploration, transport, war, politics, archaeology, hunting and so forth - and, when the pieces are fitted together, they form a comprehensive and fascinating picture of Rhodesia's (now Zimbabwe) past.

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