Dating a man who just got out of prison

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Wage theft, in particular, has plagued men who worked for weeks or months without pay.(Joseph Baynes, 59, shrugged it off when it happened to him.“They weren’t ready for juvenile lifers to come out here. Lifers who returned to Philadelphia and agreed to speak to the Inquirer and Daily News said the best things about being out of prison are, well, just about everything: Trees and squirrels and birds, parks and front porches, ice cream, soft pretzels, bubble baths. “We’re dealing with a different generation,” Pace said. You got to be thoughtful that, when you’re buying jeans, they’re not skinny jeans.” There are also more serious challenges.If we didn’t have it on our own, we didn’t receive it from anywhere else.” So, the lifers are trying to organize their own reentry program. Opening up the refrigerator and choosing what you want to eat. After decades in close confines, the wider world can seem a scary place.He now cleans kitchens on an overnight shift, earning a night. But the transition has also been jarring, confusing, difficult, and sometimes frightening. Pizza cost 50 cents a slice when Boyd was locked up. Boyd shook his head: “I can’t stand that.” They’re figuring out how to dress themselves.But housing, employment, and access to health care remain pressing concerns. Almost anything is better than a prison uniform, but fashion can be tricky.“Everyone is disconnected, walking down the street with headphones,” said John Thompson, 55, who spent 37 years in prisons.He was often held in solitary as punishment for possessing weapons, which he deemed necessary for survival.

From left are Jeffrey Dean, Vincent Boyd, Charles Brown, Stacey Torrance.They are, in their 50s and 60s, learning to drive, renting their first apartments, trying to establish credit, and navigating unfamiliar relationships.They’re encountering the mismatch between long-held daydreams and the hard realities of daily life.Baynes shot a 64-year-old woman in a robbery on the street.Advocates say these men have matured and are now rehabilitated.

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