Changesets and updating work items

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You might want to have this information saved to a file during a build. All you need is to check-in the file into version control and reference it in the build process, for example at “3. If you are not on Update 2, you can explicitly use the /collection (or just "/c") parameter to specify your TFS Collection URL. –Neno Updated (May 21, 2014): Added a note that TFS 2013 Update 2 is required ( workaround).

Of course, you may well find it easiest to make this change using the workflow designer.

Now you can add a Power Shell build step to your v Next build, calling the Power Shell script and passing the VSTS Username and Password.

The next time a build triggers for a changeset that has associated work items, those work items will be updated with the build number…

param( $Username, $Password ) $token = (":" -f $Username, $Password) $token Bytes = [System.

I am having a work item to which certain change sets are associated so that I can see them in Links tab of that work item.

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