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The Oregon Lumber Company built a large while hotel at the side of the track close to the mill.

There was a dance hall near the hotel, (later a truck barn was built on the sight of the dance hall, after it had burned down), where many dances were attended by all.

Doc said to Minot, paraphrasing, "If you step down from the stage I'll shoot you dead." Minot wisely stayed on the stage and moved off into history.In the late 1800s Minot and Linda Austin arrived and purchased the town site, and renamed it Austin.Minot ran a stage line between Sumpter and Canyon City.They had 12 foot wide bunks and were stacked close to 20 feet from the ground.There were other sawmills in the area which were the Baker White Pine mill on Crawford Creek, the Stoddard Brothers Lumber Company, later becoming Stoddard Lumber Company, did a lot of logging in the local area, hauling logs on their own trains in to their mill in Baker.

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